You Do Not Have To Suffer.

For those of you who suffer with intestinal sensitivities, I feel your pain.  Looking back I have suffered with a sensitive stomach for most of my life, but it wasn’t until 5 years ago that I started clueing in and putting it all together that I realized it was preventable.  I have been gluten free for the past 5 years and it has made a world of difference in my health.  Although it was hard at the beginning, now it is just the norm for myself and my family.

My daughter has also been gluten free for the past 3 years for health issues as well and has changed a lot in the course of her mystery health issue.

I have also been fully aware that dairy has been causing me problems, but in the back of my mind cutting our dairy would be extremely hard.  I have tried cutting it out before; once only making it a few days and the other times only making it a couple weeks.  But just as with gluten, yesterday was my breaking point and today is the day I start my 6 week dairy elimination diet.  I did the same process with gluten and it not only made me see the effects gluten had on me, it also helped my husband see as well.

I will spend the next 6 weeks closely monitoring through journalling how my body is feeling and responding throughout the day without dairy; my mood, energy level, if and when I got bloated, my hair, my skin, and the dark circles under my eyes.

I have spent the last few years saying if I could change one body part on myself it would be my intestines, but I have realized that they do not need to change, I do.  I need to change the way I look at the situation and realize how blessed I am to be so in tuned with my body and that I have the ability to change the course of my own health through the foods I put into my body.

Nutrition is just one of the factors; but probably the most important one, we as Mamas can control in the course of the health of ourselves and our families.  It may seem like a hard path to start on, but believe me it gets easier and the benefits far out weigh the “pain in the ass” moments.

10 Signs and symptoms you may have a dairy sensitivity/intolerance

  1. gas
  2. bloating
  3. diarrhea
  4. constipation
  5. cramping
  6. nausea
  7. dark circles under eyes
  8. acne
  9. skin rashes
  10. mood swings/depression

If you find you are suffering from food intolerances, you don’t have too.  Life can be lived fully and more comfortably by adjusting your food choices.  Something so simple can make all the difference.

Real Life. Real You.

Amy Bowers  xo