Are Sporting Weekends Away a Waste of Time?

Ok, this blog post is only for the mom’s out there who travel away for their kids sports.

Does it sometimes feel that a weekend away is more work than it is worth?  Is the long road ahead never ending with years and years of rubbing the highway?

You spend at least 2 days preparing to leave. Laundry, packing, meal prepping, cleaning and organizing are just those things at the top of the list.  Don’t forget that we still have to work, take kids to sporting events and school (lunches included) in those 2 days of preparing.  We are sometimes exhausted before we even leave the drive way.

Then, after the weekend away we have to come home to groceries, more laundry, work, sporting events, and school (lunches again, arghh).

It makes a mom think if the weekend away is even worth it.

This was the thought going through my mind last night after I got home from a weekend away with my daughter for her soccer tournament.  I laid in bed; my husband sleeping soundly beside me, thinking about all the things that I have to do this week and all the things I need to catch up on since being away.  (The wifi was horrible in the mountains!)

I found myself getting quite overwhelmed.

Then in a moment I changed my perspective on the situation.

Of course it was worth the weekend away.  The fun we had, the memories we made and the connection we strengthened is worth every moment of craziness before and after the trip.  It was just my daughter and I making memories.

My daughter does not see the work that goes into a weekend away.  She does not see how tired I am after driving in the mountains for 3 days while she slept in the passenger seat.  She does see the piles of laundry, the grocery list or the To Do list getting longer and longer.

The reality is she does not have to see anything.  She just has to feel.

She feels the memories.  She feels the connection.  She feels the LOVE.

The practice of holistic wellness; especially with our children, is not about never feeling overwhelmed or negative.  It is a lifestyle of acknowledging these moments and changing the perspective in which you look at them.

Consider yourself blessed that you have the ability to step out of your routine and escape reality for brief moments.  Know that the memories you make will forever change your life.  Consider yourself blessed that you have a home to come back to, a fridge to fill and clothes to wear.

Most of all consider yourself blessed that you have the moments with your children that are not only shaping their future, your future but shaping the future and the relationship you have together.

The sporting weekends away are just the vehicles to have these moments.  Otherwise when else would you spend 3+ hours in the car having your own rock concert, sleeping in a hotel bed watching movies late at night or sliding down water slides till your legs are sore from climbing the stairs.  Cherish these moments.

Even though the road may seem long remember to cheer loud, laugh lots and sleep when you can because one day it will only be memories.

Real Life. Real You.

Amy Bowers  xo 




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